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Client Testimonials

"I am so thankful to Luke (and Lucy) for providing me with this service. Not only has it helped me overcome obstacles, it has also equipped me with the tools I need to ensure a happy, healthy life." Male 20s

"Extremely impressed with level of service. Luke has been excellent and I would highly recommend him to others. Overall I have found my therapy to be unbelievably helpful and am very grateful to have gone through the process." Male 30s

"I came to ensure I got through my course without total meltdown“ which I have! I found this to be the first series of sessions with someone where I was totally honest (even about my propensity to lie) and therefore made much more progress. Thank you!" Female 20s

"Laura (Humphrey) has been a wonderful help to me. Very insightful, supportive and encouraging. Thank you very much. I would strongly recommend her as as counsellor." Female 50s

Can't believe the amount of differences the sessions have made. At first it was just friends who noticed but now I can tell myself and have more confidence in most things. My counsellor was brilliant and always had time to hear my problems." Female 20s

"I was able to talk about my issues and make changes to my life to help me cope. Talking to someone really helps quiet down your thoughts and feelings too. I have been able to adapt back into reality and live." Female teens

"Laura was great, understood me and my personality, she was a great sense check for my journey to sanity." Male 50s

"The personal approach ie Lucy interviewing me to ensure the most appropriate counsellor was assigned, was very effective and contributed significantly to the outcome. The sessions never felt negative, despite what I was dealing with, and the overall approach used by Jack was very well paced for my needs and I now feel able to move on positively." Male 40s

"My life has been transformed with all the support from Laura (Humphrey). I am excited about what lies ahead." Female 40s

"I feel happy with my counselling. It helped me a lot. I feel much better since I came here." Female under 18

"I have found the sessions really useful and felt I have learnt a lot about myself and coping mechanisms. Sam (Bosworth) has been a wonderful therapist. Thank you." Female 40s

"Karen (Smith) has been amazing, I never thought I'd be in the place I'm in now. I'm now excited for life and my future! Thank you!" Female 20s

"After going to several group counselling sessions in the past I didn't have much faith in counselling. Since coming to Green Lane Counselling I have resolved a range of issues and learnt coping mechanisms in case of future problems. I would encourage anyone to come to Green Lane Counselling as they are professional, friendly and will help guide you through your problems." Female 20s

"Karen (Smith) has helped me to identify the overriding issues caused by pressure at work, and the effect that is having on my health, mental and physical. She has enabled me to make changes that are helping me to overcome these problems. I would like to thank her for all her help." Male 60s

"Thank you to Miricia who has supported me and helped me on my own journey to become a counsellor. She has always been warm, understanding and helped me to work through any problems and kept me calm before exams." Female 50s

"Thank you Lucy for going on a journey with us. Your patience and understanding was hugely valued and the process of having a witness who listens and empathises was needed and beneficial." Couple 20s/30s

"Jo (F) was fantastic, really helped me understand how to deal with my anger and saved my relationship. Can't thank you enough Jo. We truly feel that this saved our relationship. We are overall positive and much less anxious." Couple 20s

" I felt before my first session with you (Miricia) that counselling probably wouldn't help and that to open up to someone that I didn't know would be difficult and that I might feel judged, but I have to say that Lucy did a good job pairing me with you as I felt comfortable talking to you and never felt as though you were judging me. I think the sessions helped me to put things in perspective and realise that the things that I thought were massive issues that I couldn't deal with, I actually could, I just needed to look at them differently. The print outs you gave me really helped as well, I would never of thought about what I would say to a friend about their worries and how that differed to my thoughts about myself. I now use that all the time, it's really helped me. Thank you for letting me feel sad and cry, I think I really needed to. Hopefully I'll be able to control my anxieties a lot more in the future. Thank you again for your help." Female 40s

"At the age of 52 I had accumulated 'stuff' from my life experiences that was getting in the way of living a happy and fulfilling life. Green Lane was recommended to me and after a year of working with Lucy I have a much better understanding of where my 'stuff' came from and the unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving that had arisen as a result. Over the months we looked at the beliefs I held about myself and began to gather evidence from others that brought a different perspective. This was illuminating and powerful in bringing a shift in how I saw myself. I feel better equipped to understand myself now and have, thanks to Lucy, some strategies that I can put into practice in times of need. I have accessed counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy from different services previously and can reflect that Green Lane has been of the greatest value to me. Thank you Lucy." Female 50s

"Thanks so much to Green Lane Counselling and Gemma especially for her support and kindness“ my sessions have been so useful and have really helped me come out of my shell and gain confidence in all aspects of my life!" Female 20s

"Sessions helped to identify root causes of anxiety and lack of self-esteem. Ways forward to improve and address these positively were discussed." Female 50s

"I have found the experience of counselling at Green Lane to be hugely beneficial. Sam (Bosworth) has been a truly fantastic counsellor who has really helped me with my issues. I think it has made a huge difference to my life and I can't thank you enough." Female 30s

"Jack helped me realise what my issues were and helped me deal with them. Lucy was great trying to get me extra support." Male 20s

"It has been a great service, I felt listened to and heard. I would strongly recommend this service to other people. It has been great to be able to talk about me and in an environment that has been so welcoming. Thank you." Male 40s

"I have found my counselling sessions helpful. I feel the practice is very professional, I would recommend other people to come here. I found the fees to be affordable." Male 30s

"We feel that the couples counselling has helped us a great deal and we have come together more as a couple." Couple 30s

"I immediately felt comfortable with Jo. I have never undertaken counselling before, and I was a little nervous about what to expect. However, I needn't have been worried at all. Jo (Burch) was very professional but was warm and caring with it. I was made to feel very safe, which really helped me to explore my thoughts freely. I'm not sure what magic Jo did, but I feel like a changed person now. My stress levels are low, great weights have been lifted off my shoulders and I understand my relationships with my family so much better now. I am feeling very positive for the future. Jo has helped me to find my true self! Thank you Jo, you have been amazing!" Female 40s

"I've come a long way. Sam (Bosworth) has been amazing. I could not have wished for a better counsellor. I am in a much better place now. Thank you for everything." Female 50s

Jenny has been exactly what I needed and I have had a really positive first experience of counselling. Thank you! I have recommended Green Lane to a friend. Female 20s

Rob (Hines) is fantastic and very understanding of various situations regarding work and home life balance. Male 20s

The help and support I have received have been invaluable. I felt listened to and not judged. Laura (Humphrey) got me and I felt able to open up very quickly. Female 30s

I have definitely felt I benefitted from talking to Jo (Burch). I found her very easy to talk to and she has definitely helped me to overcome my obsessive intrusive thoughts because she understands what I am saying. Female 50s

I was completely new to this process and everyone really helped make the process easy and comfortable. Robert is a very calm person who makes the whole process easy. I would recommend him and Green Lane to anyone who asked." Male 30s

My counselling has been really effective for me to help me move on. I have been able to reflect on how my past experiences have impacted on my adult life and I am now able to accept myself more as an adult as I was before. I am also able to manage my daily anxieties better on my own and this has had a really positive impact on my life. Thank you. Female 40s

Jo (Fretwell) is a fab person to talk to. I always felt that she had actively listened to me and her reflections/summarisations of what I have said helped me feel that I was understood. Cheers Jo! Female 20s

Sam (Bosworth) really helped me greatly. I feel ready to face the world. I'm optimistic!" Female 40s

Luke helped me find and challenge my core beliefs which has left me in such a better place. I'm finishing therapy having achieved everything I set out to. I cannot recommend Luke highly enough. This experience has genuinely been life-changing. Male 20s

I have found the sessions valuable in that they have given me the time and space to talk, reflect and find different ways of looking at/handling behaviours and situations." Female 50s

Katherine has been a great part of the success I have had from my sessions. I am very grateful for how comfortable she has made our sessions enabling me to achieve the progress I have. Female 20s

"I enjoyed it because I had someone to talk to about my issues and I liked Jack, he is very nice and listened to what you want to say. I have enjoyed it and will benefit a lot afterwards because I will think what Jack has said to me. Thank you Jack." Male under 16

"Having struggled with my difficulties for a number of years and feeling like I was the only one“ I finally decided to take charge and contact 'Green Lane'. I am so pleased that I did. Lucy handled my initial enquiry sensitively and I was made to feel at ease. I was matched with Miricia who has been absolutely fantastic. My sessions have encouraged me to grow and have given me the skills to deal with my challenges differently. I finally feel like I have a handle on my life as opposed to feeling like life had a hold of me. I would strongly recommend this service for anyone who is contemplating counselling." Female 20s

"The counselling sessions with Sandra were very useful in opening communication. And I found Sandra to be a good listener and empathetic. She made me comfortable to share my thoughts and feelings and was always non-judgmental. Counselling helped me to think about my situation more and reflect on my thoughts, feelings and plans for the future. I cannot think of any way that sessions could be improved. Very grateful to Sandra, thank you." Male 20s

"Miricia was a great help with my severe depression, I now feel I can face the world again. Thank you." Female 20s

"Luke has been a very supportive and understanding counsellor and I have felt respected and listened to. I feel he has shown me genuine compassion and a genuine desire to help me work through my difficulties for which I will always be grateful. Thank you." Female 40s

"Best decision I ever made for myself. I never thought it would help as much as it has, and it's transformed my life. THANK YOU LUKE!" Female 30s

"Jack's approach to my counselling has been very very good. I feel much better than before, and more able to tackle the stresses and strains of life now. Green Lane is an excellent venue and the flexibility and warmth I have received have helped me immensely. Many thanks." Male 40s

"Came in feeling hopeless and traumatised. Came out feeling optimistic and less pain." Male 20s

"I am very glad I took the step to contact Green Lane. It has been an interesting and beneficial process. Karen (Smith) has been wonderful." Male 40s

"I was unsure of what results I would gain from counselling as I was under time restraints. However with only a few sessions I have seen so much improvement in my happiness. I feel ready to face any problems that may come my way with the tools I have gained from counselling." Female teens

"My counsellor helped me clarify my core problematic belief I had held all my life, which had lead to many triggers and many vicious circles in my thought patterns. Now I feel more clear and able to stop myself from thinking so negatively about myself, and feel optimistic I will be able to achieve what I want from life." Male 30s

"I had previously had a very negative experience of counselling but the support that I received from Luke my counsellor and all at Green Lane Counselling has changed my life. I have been able to move from a state of simply coping, as best I can with past issues to establishing tools to actively deal with them, changing the way that I view myself and others. By creating a safe and non-judgmental space I was able to tackle long buried issues in safety. Thank you." Female 40s

"I felt that my problems were taken seriously without judgement and they matched a counsellor that was right for me. I have greatly benefitted from this therapy and finally feel like myself. I can also handle my anxiety and my problems better and I know a lot more about my 'actual' self and know when I am struggling." Male teens

"Karen (Smith) was understanding and let me take the sessions at my own pace. I am very comfortable with Karen and would have no hesitation in seeing her should I need to in the future. I felt I was matched extremely well and felt comfortable and at ease. For me Karen was my tonic." Female 60s

"Lucy lined me up with the perfect counsellor for my needs: Jo Burch. From the initial assessment with Lucy to my conversations with Jo, I was always comfortable in sharing everything that I was feeling. I needed that, to get over the demons in my head. Jo's first suggestions was a couple of books, which I read, highlighted and allowed to change the way I approach certain aspects of my life. Jo always got me to say everything I needed to, in some sessions plummeting to the depths of my soul (!) to drag out some horrible stuff. I had a few moments on the edge of tears but I also had a few laughs. I have always considered myself to be quite self-aware but Jo brought out many unresolved things that I did not realise had become part of my everyday thinking for so long. I found the whole process fascinating; half the time I felt like she just left me to talk and then she would stop me in tracks with A BIG QUESTION and off we would go at a tangent of her choosing, with me learning all the way. I have already recommended Green Lane to one of my friends and she is finding a great refuge in finally having found someone to help her. I will continue to do so; I have learned so much about myself and my future is going to be very different!"